lørdag den 23. august 2014

A 24 hour flight, arriving in China and finding our way around Chengdu

We left CPH airport at 8 pm wednesday evening and landed in Chengdu around 8 pm thursday. Flying for 24 hours is not the greatest activity in the world, but it was better than expected and I slept through most of it, which seemed like a great idea at the time, however it's 5:40 am as I'm writing this and I can't sleep. The lack of sleep might also be because it's raining, and the apartment has a lot of weird sounds, but I'm going to blame it on the journey.

It rained since we landed, and it seems like it could rain for days. It doesn't really sound like rain, just like someone pouring buckets and buckets over our apartment building. Arriving in the airport Linnea, the danish girl who I'm living and teaching with, and I were picked up in the airport by Kevin and Summer. Kevin is our ”english-speaking-chinesse-guy” and Summer is the english teacher at the kindegarden where we are working. However she is also our roommate. So, different address than we orginally expected, but she seems very nice.

Summer is a tiny, very pretty, Chinese woman, who wears babypink and has stickers of cartoon animals and flowers all over the walls of the living room, as well as our rooms. Her apartment is quite sparse, however the colour scheme is something that would have made my host family in England very proud. Especially the bathroom, which is a lovely maroon colour paired with salmon pink. But overall it's a nice apartment, big and spacious. And she has green couches, so it's not all bad!

Chengdu City is huge and Chinese people don't believe in maps... which makes everything a tad difficult because none of them know english either, so Linnea and I have been lost a couple of times. But now we found a map made by an american, which means it's readable and we'll try it out tonight!
Overall the city seems nice, with a lot of trees and statues of Mao. 

In conclusion: Linnea saw two shooting stars on the plane coming here, which I take as a sign from the universe that it's going to be a great trip! 
Love Kamma

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  1. Great blog Kamma. Your descriptions really bring back some memories from the happy days in XiaoJiaHe district.
    If you want, check out out old blog, teachengdu.blogspot.com and our flickr-profile for information on what to expect from a English teachengdu job in Chengdu.
    Best regards, Ane and Louis

    PS. If possible, log on to your Facebook account